Apotheosis App

Character Creation App

The Apotheosis character creation app is currently only available for Android. The app is completely free and feature-complete from download (no subscriptions, microtransactions, etc.).

Currently it can only be downloaded from this page, though we do have plans to launch it onto the Google Play store when possible. If you encounter any issues with the app feel free to reach out for help on the Apotheosis community Discord.


The Apotheosis character creation app can be downloaded from here: Download the app

To install, simply download the Apotheosis Character Creator file onto your Android device.

Once the download is complete, you should be able to install app by attempting to open the file.

You may be prompted to adjust your settings to "allow from this source" in order to complete the install since the file is being downloaded directly instead of through the Google Play store (sorry about this inconvience at the moment, we are working on it). Once "allow from this source" is enabled the install should complete automatically. 

If you run into any trouble feel free to reach out for help!

Note: If you have "dark theme" enabled on your phone some of the text may be difficult to read in the app. We will be fixing this in a future update.