Apotheosis is a dynamic tabletop role-playing game with books available for both fantasy and sci-fi settings. The intention behind Apotheosis is to keep the gameplay feeling fresh and exciting even for veteran players of tabletop role-playing games. Apotheosis has well over 500,000 meaningfully unique character builds/classes so that every character feels unique and players can customize their experience to make the exact playstyle they want. Additionally, the character progression and combat systems within Apotheosis are designed to create a more immersive and realistic experience for players than other fantasy RPG systems. For more information about the gameplay of Apotheosis and how it differs from other tabletop role-playing games check the Game Information tab in the navbar or the Features of The Game section below. For development updates, or to ask questions of the team you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!

You can also join our official Apotheosis Discord server to meet some of the game's fantastic community!

For anyone who wants some insight into the gameplay of Apotheosis, the podcast Two Weeks One Shot did an episode using the system which can be found here: Apotheosis One-Shot.

Artist: Verquillos

Features of the game

  • a progression system that allows character attributes to improve the more they are used, leading to a more immersive player experience and essentially unlimited character customization.

  • a skill/ability system that allows players to deeply and meaningfully customize their experience and playstyle to fit their character.

  • 11 playable species, 5 of which are unique to Apotheosis.

  • a simple attribute system that's easy to learn and understand while also being designed to increase the realism of the game.

  • a combat system that aims to increase the tension and immersion of battle through realistic and dynamic game mechanics.

  • combat wounds matter and can have serious effects on players and enemies.

  • a magic system and spell list that's designed to reward player problem-solving and tactical thinking instead of relying on pure vertical progression.

  • a well-organized and easily indexable spell list (no more extended searches to find a spell description).

  • a large selection of weapons and armor that all function differently for further playstyle customization.

  • rules that are designed to be flexible enough to let GMs come up with quick solutions to unforeseen circumstances without compromising the continuity of the game.

  • character building and progression rules that are intentionally modular to allow for easy homebrewing and expansion.

  • a system for randomly generating unique magic (and sometimes cursed) items.

  • a rule book that is to-the-point, well organized, and designed to be quickly referenced, while also containing everything you need to start playing the game.

  • beautiful illustrations, done by a team of artists each with their own unique style.